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Week 5, Wednesday

[hey jay have you ever had a small child try to tackle you to the ground when you're in a private place minding your own business

because that's what is happening right now]
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jay deserves it, but he is unaware of why he deserve it at this particular moment, so he's going to stumble and miraculously not bust his head open on the ground. ]

What the hell, Dipper?!
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[sure she has no depth perception but she manages to catch his stomach]

You big poopface!
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[ there are a lot of things happening at once, and jay is kind of still stuck on the fact that he has reached a point in his life where he is getting jumped by infants.

but once he gets past "poopface" and actually hears what dipper is saying, there's really not a lot of things he could be referring to. welp. ]

What are you talking about?

[ he's not even pretending not to know what's going on here, he is genuinely asking dipper to clarify what he wants explained. ]
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Stinky poopface.

[woah strong language from Mabel]

You know exactly what we're talking about, you hunter butthead! You were just going to kill all of us the whole time?! I thought we were a team!
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[ jay's immediate thought is, "damn, we really should have killed andersen," but he at least is smart enough not to say that out loud for obvious reasons. he also doesn't move to push them off of him because sure, whatever. this is his life now. ]

Because there are only two ways to end this game. The first was to kill the three Prophets, and as long as no one else killed after they died, we could go home. But only the survivors would be set free, everyone who has died would be stuck here, suffering for eternity.

[ so, you know, fun stuff. he sighs. ]

There's a reason why there's only forty-one freezers in the disposal room, you two. The other way to end the game is by killing everyone until there's only three people left, just like it states in the rules. And then, one of those three will have to accept a deal to become an Innkeeper, much like Craftly is. Once that's done, everyone else gets to go back home even if they died.
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[Andersen literally went on a 20 minutes shounen speech in the middle of executing Suzaku and Jay is only just NOW coming to that conclusion?]

And how do you know that isn't a trick, huh? You're talking about demons! DEMONS! They lie!! And trick!

[not that she'd know or anything]

[anyway have fun being piled on by these children]
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[ at the trial he is gonna have bruises and it's gonna be from them sitting on him tbh. ]

It is the only way. The Hunters aren't an official part of this game, which is the reason why you were never told about us. The Prophets exists to make sure the game keeps moving since, of course, people would be hesitant to kill, and they're aided by the Unclean. [ a pause. ] That's "Mother," by the way.

[ so technically they knew the big boss' name by the second week when those people broke into the church. ]

Craftly chose Yukina, Kaito, and me to rebel against the game. He hates it more than we do, and he made the choice to accept the deal years and years ago when he was forced to participate in it. He didn't even tell us about the caveat; we didn't learn about that until last week, and we didn't start talking to the Prophets until last Friday.

[ ... at dipper's final questions, though, is when jay actually looks upset for a split second before his features smooth over. ]

The reason we didn't tell any of you is because we were going to choose one of us to take the deal. It didn't matter who else made it to the end as long as one of us did. We only told Andersen about the plan was in case we all died, he could spread the information elsewhere. We also have people in the graveyard who know as well, so we were hoping it'll be told to you guys via hauntings if we failed. But our hope was that none of you would have to make that decision to stay.
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[and then everyone will know that a pair of twelve year olds wrecked his tales ass]

Or it's a big trick and you guys are teaming up to kill everyone for nothing because demons make bad deals!

[someone's a little touchy, how mysterious]

[she does listen to what Jay has to say, though]

That still doesn't explain why it was such a big secret. If you're really all about saving us, you should have trusted us, instead of just... going on a big secret murderspree.
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I don't blame you for doubting me since you don't know Craftly like we do. He's not lying. And the Prophets really have no reason to help us, they could have killed us the moment they discovered our identities. It doesn't matter how this game ends to them because they've already won the their conditions that was needed for the three of them to leave. They were even willing to confess to their crimes during the trial if you guys were suspecting the rest of us too much.

[ so, yes. even if everyone decides to just kill the prophets and end the game that way, mira, girge, and tsurugi will still get the best deal out of everyone here. none of them even care about dying while here because of that. ]

Anyway, we were most likely going to tell more people about it next week. Which Andersen knew about, considering he was present when we discussed that. [ that one armed fucker ] But instead he chose to just out us on his own, which is probably going to get the five of us lynched, leaving the rest of you to scramble around trying to figure out who's going to take the deal since you're still going to have to kill yourselves.
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Why the heck do you guys all believe in Craftly so much? Do you have a secret club where you make friendship bracelets and braid each other's hair? Did you do Arts and Craftly?!

[smooshes Jay's face when he bitches about Andersen, though not that violently]

Don't be mad at Andersen for being honest while the rest of you decided you could just kill everyone in secret and everything would be fine. He's the only non-buttface of all you guys!!

Besides, there aren't that many people left, we couldn't lynch five of you at once even if we wanted to.
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... [ um. ]

First of all, Andersen is the one who made that suggestion to kill Jake to make Dirk an easier target. He also told us to take down Quer because she would make killing the rest of Percival's group easier. If Andersen is so "honest," he might as well go all the way with it, instead of only giving the bits and pieces that makes him look good.

[ wow they are going to have a fun conversation with andersen later!! ]

Look, if you guys don't want to believe us, that's your decision. But just know that if you make the wrong choice, and I have made it very clear which one is the wrong choice, that you will be damning all of the dead to an eternity of unimaginable anguish. And I hope you'll be ready to live with that.

[ at that, he just. picks mabel up, moves her, then stands. he doesn't leave though. ]

We are not heroes. We are fully aware that all of you are going to hate us and some will want us dead. Mabel, you said that people can't lynch all five of us? You are highly underestimating what a person can do when they're angry. Yet we are the only ones even a little prepared for what accepting that deal means. You only know Craftly in the most superficial level, but we have seen the toll it's taken on him. Even just us trying to explain it verbally won't get you to understand it. So, yes, I am sorry for attempting to take this choice away from you, but I do not regret trying to make sure that Mabel here didn't get stuck running a murder game forever while you [ points at dipper ] get sent back home alone to deal with a triangle!
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Hey! The Arts and Craftly question is important!!!

[How dare you, Jay???? Andersen might be a stinkbutt, but Jay's butt is the stinkiest right now. She flails a little but he's able to successfully move her, because she is 12]

We're not going to let you guys get lynched [well except tsurugi honestly whoever that is], even if you are a bunch of buttfaces. You're still our friend! And.... I know that you're trying to help. We don't not not believe you. We've just.... we've dealt with demons before, okay. I just want to make sure you're not getting tricked.

[just saying.]

[her anger diffuses and she just looks upset.]

But that doesn't mean it's okay to lie to everyone like this. We could have all been working together. And I don't want you to get stuck here running a murder game forever either, okay.
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How can we be sure though? The two of you are doubting it, right in front of me, and I actually have a relationship with you. What about everyone else, who barely knows us?

[ he places a hand over his ear and breathes deeply. ]

I know that we made mistakes. But these are still the choices we made, and we can't take them back. All we want is to send everyone home, and if we aren't in the final three to make that happen, so be it. We are also prepared for that choice because, as I have already said, we were ready to tell others in order to get the word out. Dipper, Mabel, taking a life is not an enjoyable experience of any kind, and it kills more than just the victim. It may have been wrong and selfish of me to do all of this, but I refused to let you dirty your hands even more than they already have been. Even if the only life you'd be taking would be your own.
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To be fair, you did lie to us already. And we came straight from the apocalypse. [an important side note]

And--- then, maybe we can get some kind of proof from Craftly. Or something. I'm just saying, all this secrecy and note fights didn't exactly help your credibility.

[Mabel grows quiet. She's fought zombies, and unicorns, and Bill, and time combat. Would killing someone be that much worse? Well, she doesn't want to test that.]

That's not--- we don't have to all kill, I just mean.... What if people don't along with your plan, because it came too late? If we're really only down to three, we don't know who it'd be.
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And I keep telling you that we were going to tell you, he just did it first without warning. Hell, I was planning on telling the two of you and Chie myself, but then you got chewed on by a monster and I decided that maybe I shouldn't hit you with even more bad news.

[ and also he got vetoed. he takes another deep breath. ]

I'll see if we can get Craftly to speak up for us at the trial. But he is bound to the rules of this game. Creating our group was a gigantic risk, and even then he was still limited to how he can help us. And I wouldn't even be surprised if you all end up ignoring him, considering none of you trust him.
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Next time, just tell us after the monster thing, instead of waiting. Hopefully there's not a next time, or any other secrets you want to share.

[stop being such a salty bitch Jay there's legit reason to be suspicious of Craftly??]

[holding Dipper's hand intensifies]

Uuugh, stop doing that! I trust you [still :(] even if you are a poop head, and I want to trust what you're saying! Would you believe it, if it were us telling you this?