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Week 4, Tuesday

[so after that message on the bulletin board, Dipper got into contact with Craftly ... and then he recruited Jay into coming with "in case someone tries to murder me horribly you can be an eyewitness?". And now here they are, in the Meeting Place, awaiting the reveal of the mysterious bulletin board writer. Also, Dipper is not stressed out, at all?]

There's no way this isn't a trap, right. No one writes that many hearts without it being a trap.
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Maybe they're just very overdramatic?

[ ... ]

Or are purposely attempting to put the fear of god into you, and if that's the case, they did a good job.
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Or perhaps--

[Booms a very deep, very familiar voice.]

--they were merely trying to cover their tracks.

[And here comes Andersen. Unarmed, grumpy, and confused. He glances between the two.]

I thought only one of you would show up.
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[ jay somehow manages to keep a straight face when he really wants to laugh. like, andersen could still want to kill dipper, but honestly jay is sure that dipper could probably take this guy on his own even without jay's help?? he has one arm. ]

Feel free to ignore me. Consider me part of the decor.

[ lmao as if jay won't shove his two cents in ]
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[He gives Jay another Look because he doesn't like surprises, but he won't pay too much attention to him. Andersen takes the seat across from Dipper, sitting criss-cross applesauce even though that's a little more work.]

Well, that makes me downright suicidal then.

[He says it dryly.]

Let's make this quick. Tell me what you know about the mirrors.
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[He makes a face, like he's tasted something sour.]

It was something given to me in confidence.

[B u t.]

Fine. I'll acquiesce.
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You could just get on with it instead of pausing right after saying that.

[ he broke his promise of silence pretty quickly. ]
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[Right away, Dipper has his full interest. Andersen sits up, alert like a cat spotting a mouse.]

And you were able to go through these portals? How?
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I see. Are there any specific circumstances required to see through the mirrors?
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[Oh. He gets it now. Andersen waves a hand.]

Then don't bother saying it. If you can see what you're suggesting, I wouldn't want to put you at risk.

Here is my part of the deal, then. My confidant was Craftly.
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Strange writings were appearing on my mirror. I asked him what the cause was and he told me there was something off about them. What you described was completely beyond what I was looking for, to tell the truth, but I'll take it.
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[ okay yeah, sorry, he is going to interrupt. ]

What did it say?
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[... he smiles, just a little.]

"Everything's cool. Don't worry."
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Omega, probably. She was your roommate.

[ a pause. ]

Kaito received a similar message that we thought was from Dave. I kind of suspect that might be where the mirrors lead to... where the dead are.
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[Andersen nods, accepting it without fuss. Mirrors were usually portals to other places -- why couldn't it lead to this realm's afterlife? He leans back into his seat.]

If they're able to overhear us and converse with us, I suggest that we try to reach out to them. We may not have the medium's powers, but these answers make me think that we can at least make them aware of certain things.
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It's worth a try. It would be much easier if we had any idea who the Medium even is...

[ jay looks at andersen. do you know, tiny grandpa.

granted he doesn't actually expect him to blab if he does. ]
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[That look is met with a shake of his head. If he knew the medium, he wouldn't have bothered setting up this conversation in the first place.]

Then that'll be your task for this week, Dipper. If we can establish contact, that'll make catching the murderers easier.
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It might not just be a roommate thing, although it would make sense to reach out to your roommate first. People are going to end up talking to them a lot, after all.

[ well. usually. he wouldn't be surprised if dipper barely talks to his. ]

At least, that would be a good thing for you to test out.
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Precisely. For all we know, any of the dead can be reached. Kaito and my experiences prove that our roommates are capable of speaking to us. And in any case... if your role allows you to see into the mirrors, you may be able to accomplish more than either of us.
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You can try it out on either mine or Andersen's mirror then.

[ happy now??? ]
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[He sighs.]

Use Jay's. My room's a mess.

[Read: teacups and papers and shit everywhere.]
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Right. I'm sure there will be some sort of restriction as to what we can say, considering this place does like to limit what we can do.

[ thanks for nothing, murdertown!! ]

I do wonder who else has been getting messages though. There has to have been more than just those two.
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If anyone else responds to my little advertisement-- [he says so with a visible wince] --I'll pass the information on to you two. How does that sound?
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Even if you told on me, nobody would believe you. Do I look like the cutesy schoolgirl type who'd doodle hearts?
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And there you have it. I'm an author, in the end. What good would I be if I couldn't create a new character voice?
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[S I G H]

Yes. The one and only. This form wasn't of my choosing, before you ask why I look the way I do.
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[ what the fuck is the little mermaid ]
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I wish it were. That'd make the logistics of my form more bearable.

[??? whatever that means.]

... sweater town?

[what is that? a noble phantasm? a disneyland ride??]
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[Jay is so lost rn. And oh...]

I can't promise anything. I'm a pessimist and a misanthrope. The best course of action would be to avoid talking to me about any of my works.

[He kicks his feet, a little pertubed by the sudden shift in topic.]

... the height of my life was my childhood. Therefore, I appear as a child.
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That's generally people's reactions when I appear, yes.
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[ oh, thank god, they stopped talking about whatever the other thing is. every single time jay thinks he's gotten over the hurdle of not knowing whatever the hell people are talking about, it comes back and runs him over. ]

That's very fascinating. [ jay ] Oh. And, terrible.
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[Jay are you sure you aren't a Mean Girl in disguise? Andersen nods, though, in agreement.]

My affliction is about as interesting as watching paint dry on the walls, I will give you that.

Now, if neither of you have any more questions for me, I'll be on my way. I'd like to be a man with free time, but even in this Hades I've work to do.