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week 4: tuesday morning

[Dipper grabbed Chie and Jay that morning and dragged them off to a secluded location, and now he is just staring at them]

Sooo, I know it hasn't been a full week since our last info sharing, but I figured we should see if anyone didn't learn anything horrifying they should share in the past few days.

[...oddly specific]
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I mean, I didn't learn "anything horrifying," but I did learn some stuff...

[but she doesn't talk about it yet because. she's just staring at dipdop. boy what r u doin.]
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Before we move onto what Chie has to say... Dipper, does this have anything to do with you screaming yesterday?

[ jay was nowhere near close enough to where dipper was yesterday to go check it out, but he definitely heard that scream and could tell who it came from. ]
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What? Like, literally, the sun is watching us?!
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It's probably Mother.

[ he glances up at the ceiling. ]

She has to make sure we're all playing the game somehow, right?
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... Now that I think about it, this is starting to feel weirdly familiar.

[she glances from side to side, even though she knows they're in a secluded area. even so, with dipper's revelation... well, fuck it, they're being watched no matter what, right? her brow now furrowed, she continues,]

I already told Jay some of this, but... back home, me and my friends were involved in a lot of stuff. What started as a murder mystery turned out to be a goddess wanting to learn about "humanity's true desires" through watching and manipulating them or... some other messed up stuff like that. She even had power over supernatural fog and a form where she was a giant eye, too. To top it off, she was a mother goddess. That... can't just be a coincidence, can it?
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Wow. And you told me that yelling at this monstrous blight against humanity wouldn't work and yet you're telling me that they're almost the same.

[ it's all said very dryly. ]

Unfortunately, my only experience with god fighting is the ocean.
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W-well that was before we knew all that mother stuff, okay...

[she shakes her head as if to clear her mind.]

Maybe. But also, like... what if they brought all this together knowing all that? Like, they meshed together common things from all of our worlds to create this one. Clearly they know about our backstories enough to have made all those profile cards, so...
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I don't think looking at it from that angle is going to do much for us. This involves inter-dimensional travel, so trying to piece together similarities will probably take all night.

[ he just. shrugs. ]
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Hey, any conspiracy theory is as good as any other, with as much as we know... looks like this is just taking "never look directly at the sun" to a whole new level.
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[ jay has something rude to say, it's on the tip of his tongue... but he swallows it back down. not today, jay. let it go. ]

Chie, earlier you said you had something to share with us?
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—Right, um. So I got recruited by some other people to be part of like... a secret group, to help them try and keep the rest of us safe. Kind of like a bigger version of our little group. I'd feel weird just bringing you guys, since I'm not really, like... one of their leaders or anything...

[and here, her voice is shaky for a moment, like she almost doesn't want to say what comes out of her mouth next.]

... But if something happens to me and you guys are still around, you should go to them. Tell them I cleared you. They're all good, I promise.
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[ jay... glances at dipper really quickly. he's pretty certain that he would not be too thrilled with trusting a large group of people like that. even jay has reservations. ]

Who are "they," exactly? We can't exactly go to them if we don't know who they are.
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[god she should have remembered they are the paranoia brigade. smh. she looks fussed for a moment...]

Again, I dunno if I can... oh! How about we do this—do either of you know who the Lawmaker, Doctor, Paranoid, Magician, Janitor, Private Investigator, or Operator are?
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No idea. I guess we won't be able to go to them for help and will just die instead.

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—Are you trying to guilt me now? You just said you didn't even know if you could trust anybody!

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We're just pointing out the inevitable fate for us all, especially those such as ourselves [ he points at himself and dipper ] who other people won't trust. My profile card makes people too suspicious of me to come forward, and Dipper's age stops others from wanting to involve him.

[ he rests his hand against his cheek, looking positively heartbroken. ]

It's such a shame.
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[if she didn't actually like them she probably would've just left at this point, but, dammit]

Look, okay, fine, just stop giving me those faces! [she takes a deep breath.] For sure, Heather, Percival, Yukina, Akira, Andersen, and Hajime are safe. The last person, Quer, I haven't talked that much to, but... the others seem to trust them, too, so. They're the Magician. There you go.

[another pause, then,]

Don't tell them I spilled the beans?
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Do we look stupid enough to just waltz over to them and announce we somehow got their roles?

[ chie, pls. ]

But hm... alright, thank you for the info.
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remembers that other threads exist

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You're lucky I actually trust you guys.

[this is very ironic knowing what happens on thursday.]

And I really hope not? I think it's more... trying to figure out who these murderers are, since clearly there's some kind of group working together for whatever reason. To... be the last three standing, I guess?
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It seems like there's two groups, based on those messages. One with only two people left, which is probably the one Mira was a part of, and another with three.

[ the notes were funny honestly. ]